GUC 28- Engineering Group

NEWCOMERS: This group is *only* for ENROLLED students. For the newcomers Engineering students (34-) join this group:

This group is for all GUC 28- Engineering students and only 28- Engineering students to make it easier to reach each other anytime we need to.

Students who are not 28- but are retaking some of the same courses can message the admins to be added to the group.

This group will provide information about upcoming assignments, lectures, quizzes, deadlines and everything else about Engineering at the GUC.

Main group for GUC 28- Students (From all faculties):

Group rules:
1- No excessive swearing and/or vile language.
2- No fights or arguments, take it outside.
3- No advertisements are allowed.
4- No spam, chain mails or comics.
5- Balash faty 3ashan rumors go around faster than the speed of light we7na msh na2seen confusion.
6- No pornographic, excessively violent and/or NSFW posts or links.
7- No harassment or intentional disturbance between members (immediate ban).
8- Respect is earned, not bought or demanded.
9- Anyone who disrespects other members and uses bad language will be banned.
10- political posts and posts which is not related to an academic issue are not allowed.

Enjoy your stay, and try your best to be useful.