Galveston County Job Search

Kieri Andrews "I just made this, Thought it was a good idea. For people looking for work or employees! Hiring? Let us know. Can you do a job for someone? What do you do? let us know! Looking for a good way to find jobs or businesses in our area!!!"

This group is for people looking for work or workers. We all have that struggle sometimes. Is your job hiring? Let us know! Are you looking for someone to work for you? Let us know. What jobs are you skilled at? Let us know! Have your own Business? Let us know! Help out those families looking for work! Thank you!!!!

Also, Yes our title says Galveston County but we are open to all surrounding neighboring communities. A job is a job and we are all in no place to be picky! So please again we cannot stress this enough any offer, any sign you may see, any place you know of... Please share We have helped so many already and the admins are so proud of the accomplishments our members are having, but we still have so many more still looking! Thanks again!

There is also another group on Facebook called "Galveston County Side Jobs", and hopefully some of these resources may help with those searches. Also while your out shopping or getting gas where ever you go during your busy day why not ask if they are hiring? If they are, find out how to apply and re-post it on here especially if it is not your cup of tea someone on here may be able to use that information and land them a job. We have a lot of different personalities and job fields to cover and I honestly believe we can help each other fill those openings.

Starting with...
most dollar generals are hiring
Job searching stuff: Sites to look at....for our surrounding areas.
monster job search
Careers - Advantage Sales and Marketing
COM Job Site
Home Depot, Inc. - Careers
staples app
Career Eagle - A fast and easy way to find jobs online
jobsparx | Helping Texans Work Better.
Mega Job Fair | Job Fairs | a blog
Fox Careers
Star Cinema Grill
newspapers: that list job postings.
The Daily News - Serving Galveston County since 1842
The Seabreeze News - San Leon Texas
the bay area citizen
The Post
The Houston Chronicle
The Greensheet
Again also try anywhere around you certain stores do not post online and may hire on spot, best of luck!