GameBoy Collectors

Welcome to the original "Gameboy Collectors" Facebook group. Share your collection and finds, trade and sell games, and let us all share our passion together for the Gameboy.

Dear members, we are very grateful to have you all a part of this community. You are what makes this place so great, sharing your collections, your knowledge, trading games, and being awesome to each other.


* No hate speech, personal insults, or insults to one's race, religion, or sexual orientation, this is an instant ban.
* Joining and blocking the admins is an instant ban.
* No posting eBay auctions or personal pages without admin approval.


* You must post a price with your sale items, make offer or PM for price is not allowed.
* Only Nintendo Handheld related items allowed.
* You must be 18+ to buy or sell here. Exception for several members who have had successful transactions before this rule was made.
* No sale spoiling or wanted thread hijacking.
* Bootleg or knock off items are only allowed if they are described and priced as such.
* Sale of game ROM's are forbidden.
* When posting a sale for multiple games, a.k.a a "Lot" in the price area, please list the total price that you would like to get for the lot as a whole. If you would like to also list the games individually, you may do so below, indicating that you will sell as a lot, or individually.

There will only be one warning and banned by second offense.

Thank You and keep being awesome!