Greetings your grace, m'lords, and m'lady welcome of the realm. ...This group is EXCLUSIVELY for FILIPINO Game of Thrones fans and A Song Of Ice and Fire readers.

1. This a Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire group. Any non-related post will be automatically deleted and a warning will be given to the member who posted it.

2. Members can post about spoilers. However, you are required to alert other members that your post contains a spoiler! Warning must be in BOLD CAPS on post ("SPOILER ALERT")

3. No duplicate posts. (Check the realm's wall first if you want to post something to prevent a duplicated post)

4. CLICK-BAIT post will be automatically deleted by the maesters and the maesters will terminate you in the realm. Permanently.

5. If you are going to comment in a thread, we would appreciate it if you could try to add valuable discussion to the conversation. Be friendly, be fair and use common sense. If an issue arises, the maesters have to give a behavioral warning, the second offense will result in banning.

6. All of the maesters can't read and watch every thread the whole day. If you think that thread needs our attention please flag that thread or simply tag one of the maesters of the realm.

7. Respect the maesters, the members, and the realm.

In addition, if you want to tag your GoT buddies in any post specially in every Game of Thrones episodes make sure you add them first inside the realm.

May the Old Gods and the New protect this realm.
Valar Morghulis!

Hand of the King: Lord Jay Arabia
Master of War: (vacant open for application)
Master of Coin: (vacant open for application)
Master of Whisperers: (vacant open for application)
Master of Laws: Lady Ning Astorga
Master of Ships: (vacant open for application)
Lord Commander: Ser Gabriel Lloyd Aque
Grand Maester: James Bryce