Game of Thrones fan club

We have an amazing group with the best members. We pride ourselves in quality of members over quantity of member. Keep in mind we are a closed group so only members can see posts in the group.

We encourage conversation and memes thats anything related to Game of Thrones show, books, and actors.


1. 18+ to be a member of this group.
>This also means we expect you to keep posts appropriate according to Facebook policy.

2. English only.

3. Spoilers are allowed in the below format:
•Post should read SPOILER ALERT
•Comments should contain the actual spoiler
⚠ (if it hasn't aired on HBO then it's considered a spoiler)

⚠We discuss new episodes as they are air at 9pm eastern time zone on Sundays⚠

4. No insulting, bullying, racist comments, disrespecting, or negatively talking down on any person. This includes "you're not a true fan" comments.

5. No duplicate posts.

6. No selling items or advertising groups. Only fan pages can be advertised upon approval.

7. No blocking admins.

8. If a post is deleted do NOT post about it in the group. Contact an admin directly with any questions.

9. We do not allow debates on religion, race, and politics.

If an issue arises and admins have to give a behavioral warning, the second offense will result in banning. If you respect us we will respect you.

If there is a problem comment here, tag, or message an admin so we can address it ASAP. In some cases, emails go into a folder called "other". If you don't hear from us then comment below telling us to check our email.

Thanks and welcome to our group!!!!

Group Manager - Katlyn Shockley
Group Asst. Manager - Nathan Middleton
Admin - Danielle Nicole
Admin - Dellan Dienstman
Admin - Stephanie Bruner-Dienstman
Admin - Jennifer Petsdson
Admin - Ericka Tate
Admin - Chris Ketchem