If you have CREED for Gaming( PC,PS4, PS3 , PS 2, VITA, Android, MAC And XBOX360, XBOX ONE games), then don't hesitate to join this Group. Don"t forget to add your GAMER friends. Most of all post screenshots and reviews of any game you play.

And There are a few rules -

1)Be active in the group
2)Respect other members
3)Don't hesitate in asking any video game or setup related problem or links.
4)Don’t post any Group/ Blog/ Page/ Website/ advertisement or else you will be get banned.
5) If You gonna upload multiple photos at a time i.e. more than 5 then upload it by making an album rather than uploading single single.
6) Don't post anything which is not related with PC , XBOX360 , PS2 , PS3 , VITA, Android, MAC and other console and GAMING.
7) Don't abuseout it or fight with anyone , if anyone did something wrong with you then send a respectful message to the admins.