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Come on Game lovers don't hide from public saying u hate games...
ONE OF US ... smile emoticon
We Are one big family of Gamers


[[ We do have some rules ]]
1. If you are a member then you have to post thing about game in the group. Other than games in not accepted!

2. If you stay inactive for more than a month we may exclude you from the group (THIS IS SERIOUS ! THERE IS NO PLACE FOR IN-ACTIVE MEMBERS HERE)

3. Any site promoting is forbidden, and will be removed immediately.
Whats Not allowed:
--Youtube pages, facebook pages, personal gaming sites, personal blogs, etc.
Whats Allowed:
--You are allowed to post your youtube gameplay video, any news from official sites like IGN, Gamespot, Ubisoft, etc

4. Bad mouthing a game is forbidden ! Its only natural to dislike a game, its okay. But you have no right to speak ill about it in the public, you don't like it then just forget about it. Because you may not like it but there are people who does, and it will cause a unnecessary fight!

5.If you break any rule you will be warned ! if you still continue to do so then you'll be permanently banned.
Only the Main Admin has the right to ban anyone without notice.

6. A regular inspection will be held from now on in the end of a month those who were found inactive will be removed! don't think you can just come here collect information and go, its a group! and there must be interaction between members!! If you can't do that then i suggest you leave and go to some gaming page..


I understand gaming new is important and therefore i allow Venkatesh Kolhapure the writer of GIML to post news from his site. because i think he provides a quality news!
But Venkatesh you have to participate in group activities more often!


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