Gaming Guys & Girls Community Group

I created this group so that we as gamers can come together and ...commune amongst each other respectively and friendly. Post whatever you'd like as long as it is video game related, hell I'll even allow anime too.

My only rules are:
-Do not spam
-Do not post links to other groups without the approval of an admin first.
-Respect each other
-Do not insult, bash, bully, or say any racist things in this group.
-Do not post nudity

I will not tolerate anyone breaking these rules. Otherwise I have no problem removing you and banning you from this group tossing you aside like a shit stained toilet paper in the toilet.

So other than that have fun talk to each other exchange gamertags, post a picture or a video. Hell I don't care. Just enjoy, and be respectful. Thank you. ~Amin. Alonzo Wallace See More