Gan Mami

Gan Mami: Providing information, education, resources, & support to Jewish mothers in Israel & world-wide. Here you are welcome to post your thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns, & anecdotal stories relating to pregnancy & parenthood. My goal is to create a network that challenges parenting norms, encourages creative child-rearing, enables us to relate to our kids, and empowers us to trust our instincts when it comes to our offspring.

Additionally, I will be sharing interesting articles, fun activities, resource pages, and social programming via the "official" Gan Mami page, open to the family (

A few guidelines to get us going:

1. ALL advertising MUST be approved by the admin (Michelle Robin.) Ask about renting our banner space to support the Gan Mami Chesed Fund.

2. NO explicit/vulgar language and/or images please. Be respectful of the other mothers - consider the question being asked before answering, and reserve particularly emotional responses for private conversation. Offensive or inappropriate content should be reported to Michelle Robin.

3. ALL third-party content (links to articles or videos, pictures from other FB pages, shared events, and so on) *must* include an introduction - WHY you sharing it, WHAT you glean from it, ARE there any questions, etc. Any link posted without context *will* be deleted.

4. PLEASE include your location in your post where relevant - Gan Mami has its roots in Israel but its branches stretch far beyond!

5. ALL AnonyMommy questions (those you wish to ask without the group knowing who's asking) should be submitted to Michelle via Facebook or e-mail ([email protected]); please allow 48 hours for a response.