Garfield & Eagle County lost & found pets

This group covers all of Garfield and Eagle county. If you have lost or found a pet please post as much info as possible and a picture if possible. Also be sure to share this group with all friends and families in Garfield and Eagle county.
Here are few more groups to think about joining is the apply to you as well:
Mesa county lost & found pets:
De Beque Community & surrounding rural area's Lost and Found Pets: your pet is missing please post as much information as possible. If you have a picture please add that as well. When you lose a pet it is the scariest thing because you don't know where it may have ended up. So here are a few tips.

1. if it is micro chipped contact microchip company.
2. Call animal control and report your lost pet phone numbers are included in the pinned post at the top of the page
3. Check animal controls website under lost & found then under stray list: plus go down in PERSON!! (if your pet has been missing more then 3 days check under adoption. )
4. Call vets offices in your area.
5. Post flyers EVERYWHERE. (most gas stations will let you post one. you just have to ask)
6. Post add in newspaper around and look for your pet. Sometimes leaving something with your smell on it will help you find your dog. for example if someone calls and says they saw you dog in some area and you go but see nothing. Take a sock off and leave it in a safe place. (away from road) and go back and check that area often. You may be shocked to come and find your dog with your sock waiting for you. (it really works!!)

If you have found a animal here are some tips:

1. Take animal to vet and have the animal checked for microchip
2. Call animal control and give animal details so the found animals info is in the system. If at all possible please hold onto the animal. Fines to get a animal out cost a lot and some people have to let there pet go because they don't have the money. So if you have anyway to hold the animal for a day or 2 please do.
3. post found adds (if you do not want to post info about the found animal in fear of someone claiming it that is not the true owner. Please post a little info such as area found and male or female)

If you have no choice but have animal control pick up the animal then try to take a Pic of the animal first and post it so that the owners at least know where there pet has gone. Pets are like family and when you lose part of your family it is hard. so lets do what we can to help keep families together