Gathering Of Traders

This is a public group for discussion of trading signals happening in the market.
My room, my rules:
1) Please respect one and another views, no flaming one another, and be responsible for your own trades.
2) No advertisement for trading,seminar software, or stockbrokering or any form of advertisements except by Jonathan Tan
3) If anyone not happy, please leave or you will be kicked.
4) Whatever that I shared in here are my personal opinion and not the views of CMC Markets. Please do your own due diligence before entering any trades. I am not responsible for your trades or any losses that you may occurred.
5) Signal Center results are automated scanner. Please do your own due diligence before taking any of the trade. I will not discuss Entry or Exit strategies for Signal Center in here and will only explain it during my lessons. I am not responsible for any losses that you will incurred.
6) Please feel free to add your trading friends into this room so that everyone makes money together.

Past performance does not indicate future results.