The Gator Anime Club

A bunch of awesome people coming together for an awesome cause: to watch anime. We welcome all.

We usually meet on Thursdays in CSE E121 from 7-11pm. We are even here during the summer! So drop on by watch some shows with us.

For information on each week's meeting and what we are watching, go to

*********Rules and Guidelines*********
-The primary purpose of this group is to distribute news and information about the Gator Anime Club. We encourage discussion, but no more than 3 new topic posts a day (per person). However, you may reply to any number of existing threads.
-Try to post things related to Anime, Manga, Japanese games or social opportunities for club members. (invitations to hang out, go to movies or events, etc.) This is not your personal blog.
-Off-topic posts will be deleted within 2-3 days of inactivity or immediately at the officers' discretion (i.e. quiz memes like "what is your anime name" and image macros)
-Personal advertisements must be approved by Gator Anime Officers.
-Be civil and respectful towards fellow club members.
-No sexually explicit content (Keep it PG-13 and under)
-We're lenient on the rules but will enforce them more strictly when important announcements have to be made.

President: Chan Naing
Vice President: Derek Delago
Treasurer: Nicholas Cavallaro
Public Relations: Lawrence Chan
Secretary: Steven Anderson
Media Coordinator: Nicole Wiesenthal
Historian: Robert Witt