Geak World

Geak World is a Group where Bloggers, SEO Experts, Developers and Website Designers can have chat and discussion.
Read the Rules:

No Spamming: Don't share the Post and Links from your own blog on this Group. You can share if it's important or related to the question asked or else the member who will post will be removed with his post which he/she shared.

No torrent/Warez: No illegal stuff and links like Warez sites link and Torrent links are allowed here or else the member will be banned immediately.

Search Must: Try to search on Google and then see the older post, Maybe the question is already put up and answered too.

No Abuse: Don't abuse the Members on the Discussion area, Wall or in Group Chat. Even no vulgarness and No Nude images should be posted.

Be in Limit: Try to be in limit means, Ask 5 Questions daily so that all the question can be answered by all the members of the Group. The group must be democratic. Everyone has right to say and object.

URL Mentioned: While showing the URL in question, You must mention URL in this format: www_example_com.

NOTE: Who so ever don't follow the group rules will be straight away banned and that the ban will never be UNDO.