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- This group is a discussion forum for our site

- Respect is the key word here. Respect our rules, respect other members and respect yourself

- If you're new to the group then feel free to introduce yourself to everyone! This is a very friendly and active community.

- This is a PG -13 group for discussions about Video Games, Movies, TV, WWE, Sports and/or anything else Geek related. A Geek is someone that has passion for something, it can be anything! We're here to build a POSITIVE community to help connect Geeks and Gamers from all over

Here are a few rules we would like all members to follow:

- Please do not spam the page - if you have related links to share, pictures, questions, or related news by all means share/post as much as possible ( Links have to be from a trusted source or they will be deleted )

- No excessive cursing, specifically, please DO NOT use the "F" word. No sexism or racism will be tolerated. No sexual references. No drug references. Please use English

- We cover several different topics in this group. If someone makes a post that you have no interest in, simply scroll past it. DO NOT TROLL

- Please do not post spoilers in a status - if you would like to discuss a movie, TV show, or a video game just place a **spoiler warning** in your status - the comment section will be fair game as long as the status shows the warning

- We encourage debating. All we ask is please have respect for one another. No personal attacks, no name calling - just debate your respective opinions and have fun

- No selling of any items on our main page unless you have approval from an admin. We have a file section for that

- No advertising for personal YouTube channels on our main feed w/o admin approval, we have a file section for YouTube channels where you can post your links. The same goes for Twitch

- No pornography. No pictures. No discussion of it

- No religious discussions. No political discussions

- No unnecessary alcohol or drug references. Nobody cares if you're getting hammered. It's only acceptable if it's related to a show or movie discussion ( Please don't try and exploit this rule )

- No advertisements for groups, pages, other websites, ect without admin approval

- No sharing or discussing of mods, emulators, pirating, ect.... PERIOD

- This is NOT a dating page. Do not flirt with or harass our members

- Administrators have the right to remove any posts, links, or comments if we feel it does not comply with our rules and/or our general narrative for this group

- Administrators are as follows:

Jeremy Griggs ( Page and Website Owner )
Corey Dempsey
Phillip Moore
Kevin Frazier
Kassidy Lily
Richard Blackerby
Isaiah Anderson
Micah Harshaw
Tommy Frazier
Reid Surrett
Lauren Byrd
Matt Fortune
Jose Baez
Latif Tilev
Mauricio Sanchez
Bo Colon

***Do not block admins***

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