Gestational Diabetes UK Mums

A group for pregnant Mums in the UK & Ireland who are dealing with gestational diabetes, so we can share our experiences, laugh, moan and cope together! We are an informal, friendly and fun group, providing support to pregnant mums with gestational diabetes.

**New members: Please introduce yourselves so that we can welcome you to the group and understand a bit about you and your GD journey so far!**

Basic dietary info and helpful articles can be found in the group files. Please read through these for lots of hints/tips and info. GD is different for every single Mum, what one can tolerate another may not.

None of us are medical professionals in GD and professional advice should always be sought when necessary. Also, advice, support and guidelines vary from one NHS Trust to another and so depending on where you live you may be given different info./guidance.

You are free to discuss all topics, all we ask is that you treat each other with respect and compassion.
The Admin team reserve the right to remove any member from the group at any time, for any reason without notification. They also reserve the right to remove anything they deem as unsuitable for the group.
Thanks, The admin team: Jo Paterson, Clair Charlton and Laura Behan