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This group was created for us to share ideas, recipes, exercise ideas, weight loss or fitness tips, joys, fears, frustrations, and most importantly....your success! Who knows, you might make some new friends too!

Please share any tips or information so we can all benefit! Just make sure there are no links to other groups attached to your postings. Some of us are achieving our weight loss goals with Skinny Fiber but everyone is welcome in this group. We are all here to motivate and inspire each other to lose weight and become healthy and happy! If you are interested in hearing more about Skinny Fiber which is an all-natural fiber product that is helping many with their weight loss and health goals, click here:

Please refrain from posting any links to other groups or weight loss products in this group. No advertising of other products is allowed in this group. You can create your own group for that. :-) If you do post other products in here, you will be banned IMMEDIATELY. No warning! Poof! Gone.

Thanks in advance! WELCOME to all new members!