Aims and Rules of the group: please read through for Allah sake.

Welcome to GhanaMuslimsOnline. We aim to share all we know about Islaam to fellow members and also encourage each other on matters of the deen. We are all doing this for the sake of Allah. Allah has said in Quran chapter 103 verse 1-3 where Allah Himself SWEAR by TIME that Every human being is at loss, except those who believe in Allah and do righteous good deeds and recommend one another to the truth and also preaching to non-Muslims but before we can even preach to non-Muslims, do we know the deen ourselves? May Allah increase us in Knowledge whiles we try to give out all we have. Allah also commanded us to remind each other about our deen as reminders only benefit believers.

Feel free to share anything u know in Islam but must be authentic from either Quran, Teachings of the Prophet or under consensus of scholars approval. Comment on any shared article, ask any question bothering you in Islam and also add all your Muslim friends regardless of nationality and gender.

To avoid any controversial comments or unnecessary argument, any post found to lead to controversy or any abusive words or phrase or without any daleel will be deleted without prior notice to who posted the post so let's avoid anything political, no photos of any personality or religious figure, Un-Islamic articles and any adverts without prior permission from Administrator of the group. As Muslims our way of life must reflect what we learn from the deen as such we must be careful how we speak/write in public like in our group and also put a decent photo as profile picture to reflect the dress code of Islam. Allah guide us all. Amen

Alhamdulillah you can also follow us in twitter @!/GhanaMuslims also you can join my other group @ and send me personal questions and will aim to respond as soon as possible In shaa Allah.

If you are on whatsapp Messenger, you can write to me quoting your name and interest to be added to my daily Islamic Reminders and In shaa Allah I will add you. First my number then message me via whatsapp on 00447966656157. I wish you all the best of Ramadan.

Allah accept our little efforts, increase us in knowledge and wisdom and grant us Jannatul Firdaus. Amin.