Ghar ka khana

Hey! Welcome aboard...

1)No links allowed here.Post only original self created food picture with typed recipe.

2)Recipes to be posted should be with proper ingredients and measurement and posted within 30 minutes of posting the food picture.No handwritten recipes or screenshots to be posted please.

3)Also no advertisements please.This isn't a food photo group!

4)Only 1 pic per post, hence make a collage or post the remainder in the comments of your post. Also recreations to be posted under the original post only and not as a separate post.

5)Do not create albums or share pictures from your or anybody else's page or group, but post directly on the group wall.

4)This is a very large and diverse group, following these rules and respecting other people's food choices is important here! Defaulters will be removed from the group.

6)Do go through the various categorised albums in the group pictures for recipes.

Shimpa Rathore