Giddings MarketPlace

This is an EVERYTHING site!
Sell your unwanted things! (One mans trash is another mans treasure!) Seriously though, you'd be surprised... Lol
List Classifieds, Business Advertisements, Job offerings, Garage sales, sell your homemade items, ask for help, Charity, Lost and Found, Places to eat, REVIEWS of the places you've eaten, ANYTHING really,

Nothing that is not PG 13, as there may be children who are able to view this group.
>Also see prohibited link below.

PLEASE try to be considerate. If your having an issue with another member, please feel free to PM a Moderator to help resolve any issues. Disrespecting another person is not acceptable, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. ☺️

Please don't make rude comments about another's post. If you think that it may be inappropriate, please PM a moderator. We will do the best we can to resolve any issues.

When your item has sold, please try to go back and delete it, although were ALL human and can not remember all the time. Lol
ALSO remember that if your trying to make a sale, check your "OTHER" folder as some messages get sent there.
If you commit to purchasing an item, please follow through. If your not able to, be respectful enough to contact the seller and let them know. ☺️

If your not too close, but would still like an item, contact your seller and work out a shipping arrangement. I use PayPal to send invoices for my business (you DON'T have to have a PayPal to pay a PayPal sent invoice) most of the time. Work with your seller and come up with your shipping costs if you need to.


We are human, we have lives and children along with other responsibilities. We will tend to any issues as we are available to.

Meet your seller/buyer in well lit areas. If your going to meet someone you don't know, please take a friend. You are responsible for your own transactions.

Bump: Moves an item to the top of the page.
PM: Privet Message.
ISO: In search of. ~Looking for a specific item. Feel free to help out if you have any info!
Next/BU: The next in line/or back up to receive the item.
OBO: OR BEST OFFER. Meaning, the poster can accept a lesser amount or may decline your offer for a higher bidders offer. The best offer submitted to the seller.
POMS: Posted on multiple sites. The seller has their item posted on multiple "sale" sites, first come first serve.