Gig Tickets

This is not Ebay or Ticketmaster Resale. There is no mark up on here. So if you want to make a profit from fucking with the music economy, go somewhere else. This group is reserved for people who are looking to get rid of tickets to gigs and events which have sold out, as well as people who missed out on getting them when they were originally on sale. Invite whoever you want since the bigger the network the easier this becomes.

This group was formed in Melbourne, Australia. Of course, people from anywhere are welcome to join, but be aware that most of the members are still from said location, so posts for tickets in other locations are less likely to be successful/responded to.

Remember to turn Notifications OFF if you don't want to constantly be annoyed by updates. Type the band tickets you're after into the search bar above.

Feel free to extend on your experiences with the band whose tickets you're chasing. Personal experiences and highlights at gigs are always interesting and spark great topics to chat about.