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Welcome to Girls LOVE Travel
(((formerly referred to as Girls W...ho Travel)))

RULE #1 -- Be Kind!
RULE #2 -- Refer to Rule #1!!


With a group as massive as we got there had to be a few more requested guidelines along the way:
3) Please first use the SEARCH BAR tool to find the answer to your question. There are a lot of us in here and your question might have been answered already. Also use HASHTAGS to find your post or a particular thread in the future: #gltNewYork, #gltLA, #gltCreditCards, #gltIceland, #gltMOMs, #gltVegan, #GLTwithKindness
4) NO social media "follow me" threads - please add your information in this doc: -- and follow other members. This will free up some of the clutter from the feeds.
5) NO spamming - if you notice spam or get spammy private messages - report it to an admin right away
6) NO advertising without clearing it thru admins - we do not want to turn this into just an ad space for you to simply promote your business/group/page
7) Foul language should be kept pg13 - please and thank you
8) NO Bullying or Shaming of any kind - this is grounds for immediate removal!!
9) Posts are to be TRAVEL RELATED and neutral in nature. We do not affiliate with any religious, cause type organization, or political affiliation.
10) NO nudity or graphic images in the feed - if you have something questionable put NFSW and the pic in the comments. If you would not show it to a child or at work - put it in the comments not the main post.

** Posts can and will be removed at any time by an admin. **

Thank you...
Love, Hugs and as always - Safe Travels!
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