Girls Vs Boys

CODE OF CONDUCT for Membership of this group

The ideology of making Girls Vs Boys group is to provide a platform to all those who wants to make new friends from all over the world,.

However, to keep the group clean and friendly, we have set up a “Code of Conduct” , which we request all members to follow.

1) Member can post anything except political/religious/unethical contents.

2) Respect for each other. Avoid harsh discussions which can include personal hits, however discussing anything with your own opinion without annoying, insulting or irritating other members is fine

3. This is a Non-Financial/non-commercial group, which means it does not support any Advertisement/publicity/Page Promotions etc.

4. Informative pages and links can be shared; however it shouldn’t be indicating promotions of other non-related pages or groups.

5. Avoid providing personal information

6.MISBEHAVE (BTMIZI) should never tolerated at any cost and member find doing such act should be kicked out from the group

Since, we are still growing in terms of members, we do experience different events daily, so if there would be anything missing in these points we might add up later and inform all.

If you want to report something that's been posted in a group, you can click the icon in the top right of the post:

Thank you so much for being part of this group and participating actively. We appreciate your contribution.


Saba Naveed