Gising Na Pilipinas

GLORIOUS ERA OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES Our Armed Forces showed its strength during the time of the late great President Ferdinand E. Marcos. During those glorious days of our AFP., no neighboring countries could bully us for they knew we were ready to defend ourselves against their covetous interest and also our islets in the West Philippine Sea were secured for their invasions. ADMIN APOTHEGM June 21, 1985: A show of Force in Luneta There was also one time in the 1980s that President Marcos was angry and he ordered the largest display of military might in philippine history during independence day with Hueys, F-5 jets, F-8 crusaders roaring overhead while on the ground, 5,000 troops filed past followed by more than 50 armored vehicles. President Marcos warned in a speech not to underestimate the military power of the Philippines. heres the news article on that massive parade: " A show of Force " , Asiaweek June 21, 1985
Green and gleaming, they rumbled through Manila's thoroughfares on a busy monday afternoon. For Manilans, was an awesome spectacle. Some 40 tanks and armored personnel carriers accompanied by thousands of troops marching in full battle dress paraded unannounced through the abruptly closed-off streets and park on June 10, two days before Philippine independence day......"This is a show of force. This has never happened before" declared opposition politician Homobono Adaza. When the actual indepence day came this year ,however, even the rehearsal paled. More than 50 tanks rolled through the streets in a two and a half hour spectacular. Thirty six helicopters and 24 Jet Fighters whistled overhead. At least 5,000 troops including 2 batallions of elite combat rangers marched before the grandstand. In all, it was the biggest show of military might since World War 2 in the Philippines and in terms of hardware a good deal more powerful.
Explaining the unprecedented display, President Marcos told the nation in a hoarse but forceful voice "There seems to be a tendency today to under-rate the capability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines...Now perhaps it is time that we all became aware of the real resources for the protection and defense of the republic. It is time we conveyed the message to those who do not understand what they are up against"…/topic/7662448/1/ TRIVIA Philippines 1 of only 3 countries to operate superb F-8 Crusader fighter jets Written by Priam F. Nepomuceno
Posted online by Jigs Nepomuceno in Features at 06:27 MANILA — Not many people know the Philippines is one of three countries - aside from the United States and France - to operate the famed Vought F-8 Crusader jet fighters.
This gained fame in the Vietnam War in the 1970s when it destroyed 19 Vietnamese aircraft in air-to-air combat and only lost three in turn.
The Philippine Air Force's affair with the F-8 started in 1977 when the country acquired 35 Crusaders to augment its fleet of Northrop F-5 Tiger which was only limited to daytime operations.…/59216-PHL-1-of-only-3-countries… - See more at:…/59216-PHL-1-of-only-3-countries… Philippines's own missile gunboat
Times Journal
June 23, 1984 President Marcos will launch today the country's first missile gunboat as part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines' modernization program.
The sleek 145-footer gunboat after Gen. Emelio Aguinaldo was designed and built by Filipino naval architects and engineers at the Philippine Navy's shipyard at Fort San Felipe, Cavite City.
Officially designated asBRP Emelio Aguinaldo, the all-steel misille-firing gunboat will boost the navy's capability in securing the country's vast territorial waters which is twice as long as the that of the United States.