Official Glen Eyre Halls 2014/15

Welcome to the official group for the 2014/15 Glen Eyre residents. This group is for everyone who lives in Chancellors' Courts, Brunei House, Richard Newitt, J Block, Old Terrace, New Terrace and Beechmount House.

First of all, congratulations on your results and on gaining a place at the University of Southampton, and of course, for being given a place to live at Glen Eyre, the best halls in Southampton!

This group is here for you all to get to know each other. For the next year, you will meet and make friends with most people who live here, so why not start now?! Throughout the year, this group will become the perfect place to get together and meet people.

This group is looked after by your JCR Halls Committee. We are all second or third year students who lived in Glen Eyre last year, we got involved through the Halls Elections at the beginning of November! We are responsible for a number of things throughout the year, including running campaigns, organising events, raising money for RAG, helping to run your sports teams and generally making sure that you have the best possible first year in Southampton!

We are:

President: Flora Noble
Events Officer: Shana Jamani
RAG Officer: Christie Matthews
Secretary: Roberto Gregoratti
Social Media Officer: Cameron Meldrum
Sports Officer: George Buckland
Welfare Officer: David Stanley

Finally, here are a few things to do ASAP:

1) Like our Facebook Page for all Official Glen Eyre announcements:

2) Check out the University’s “Are You Ready?” webpage:

If you have any questions/concerns, leave a comment on the groups, and we will answer it for you! Enjoy the rest of the Summer, and we look forward to meeting you all!

Glen Love x