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Welcome to the ALL NEW Affiliate & Business Building Marketing & Strategies Group.

Looking for insider techniques, tips, or advice on running an Affiliate site or Business. Maybe you're having some troubles getting the grasp of a Program.

The Affiliate & Business Building Marketing & Strategies Group is here to promote you, even marketing ideas and advice between all experience levels. B.O.Y.I.! Bring on your ideas, and questions. This Group is open to all Marketers, Business Owners, and Affiliates.

Who put this group together? Mr. Chip Bellasero, better known to all his friends as "Chip".

Q: Chip, What do you want the group to know or what would you like to get across to the Facebook users that come to or promote at the Affiliate & Business Building Marketing & Strategies Group?

A: "I am here to testify that there IS money, and many times FEE FREE MONEY to be made from very well established businesses, services, and affiliate programs. Many of these businesses are not so well known, but have an Online presences. And I would like to see many of the top money makers, and insider ways to promote them on the Affiliate & Business Building Marketing & Strategies Group"

It is said that, A heavy load is more easily carried by two or more people. This Group is making that philosophy come true.