Global Canlaonians United, Inc.



A. Our official identity is an expression of unity as symbolized by the careful arrangement of the acronym GCUi, one letter inscribed into and linked with another, within the bounds of a diamond shape. It is said that diamonds last forever – may GCUi and its endeavors stand the test of time.

B. Each letter in the diamond is assigned with colors that define and represent our group’s aspirations

B1. Letter G for Global is assigned by Green
Green is a color of life and nature; it signifies growth and transformation. It embodies our group's desire to make a positive change, passion to pursue new ideas and ability to sustain our ideals for the good of us Canlaonians; it reminds us of our group’s core values of innovation, positive change and sustainability.

B2. Letter C for Canlaon is assigned by Yellow
Yellow is a color of wisdom, hope and happiness; it stresses the importance of knowledge-sharing and clarity in decision-making. It inspires us to keep on believing that there is a better future in stored for Canlaon; it encourages us to do everything with a cheerful heart and it reminds us of our group’s core values of performing for excellence and having fun at the same time.

B3. Letter U for United is assigned by Blue
Blue is a color of peace, unity and perspective; it signifies our belief that through active member participation in goal setting and project implementation, we would achieve best results. It urges the members to come out of their comfort zones, be open-minded, reach out to others, and support and encourage one another; it reminds us of our group’s core values of unity, empowerment, respect and teamwork.

C. The Globe in the middle of the diamond serves a number of purposes:

C1. It represents GCUi's aspiration which is to Unite All Canlaonians scattered around the world and to direct them back to the Philippines where our beloved Canlaon is situated

C2. It serves as the dot of the letter "i" (for Inc.)

C3. It is the dot of this era where GCUi started – that is in cyberspace


A. The outline of the volcano's profile is positioned above GCU, Inc. in order to create a visual illusion of a building roof which symbolizes shelter. It suggests Canlaon being:

A1. a place where one would want to go home ‘at the end of the day’

A2. a place where one would enjoy the comfort of our family and friends

A3. a place of refuge where one would find protection and retreat

It emphasizes the true idea of our group - raising the volcano
symbolizes our group's desire to uplift and improve the way of life in
Canlaon City