Global Hindu Federation

Our Motto:- Strengthening the Cultural Roots of Hinduism Th...rough Education and Awareness..

We wish to create a full fledged movement through the vision of this group. Over here, we will be addressing topics ranging from (but not limited to)

1) Vedic Scriptures

2) Propagation of Hindu culture

3) Remedies against the conversion issues, and information regarding it

4) Purva paksha by taking a dhArmic stance against socially accepted ideas like democracy, secularism etc, and negating them where necessary.

5) Providing easy access to scriptures to people (online or otherwise) and making every Hindu proud of his heritage through knowledge of the tradition

6) Spreading awareness about the fragmenting factors involved with the now defunct Aryan Invasion Theory

7) Addressing the brainwashing of Dalits in India, who have turned against Hinduism.

8) The conspiracies involved in glorifying the falsely premised Dravidian Movement in South India.

9) Declaring publicly, that varna-asrama dharma is NOT the same as casteism that is practiced as a societal ill.

10) Continuing to improve the already healthy Hindu-Jewish relationship, as held in the last Millenium Peace Summit

11) Unifying the different mathams and peethams of the Hindu tradition under one common umbrella, putting aside our philosophical differences for a while and getting together to promote our peace loving tradition

12) Spreading the glory of Sanskrit

In short we aspire to educate as many individuals as possible to lead a more involved life as a Hindu.



1) Please post only in ENGLISH, as it is the language of communication for Hindus all over the world.

There are also non-native Indians from america and other countries who converse in English, and no other language. If you really desire to post in another language, please provide an English translation alongside. Thanks :)

2) Foul language will not be entertained in this group, please put your relevant thoughts across in a decent and coherent manner.

3) No creation of topics discussing other philosophies. If if is out of the purview of the Vedas, it will be deleted.

4) No bashing other religions. The greatness of our religion speaks for itself.

5) Please don't post random one liners igniting nationalist pride, we're mainly here on educational grounds, and every post must have a sufficient cause to be there.

Thank you for obliging.