Global Wholesale Market1

1, We offer Huge collection of goods sources through online, bot...h whole Sale and retail, sending goods via expertise.
2, We can offer our excellent, experienced translators for who have language problen during the trading.
translators‘ service criteria as below:
(1), welcoming the customer at the airport, helping the customer to book the hotel based on the customer requests.
(2), helping the customer whole process of trading, protecting the customer against the bad peoples attacking.
(3), collecting the goods of customer, send it to the warehouse until sending it to the customer safely.
(4), after sales service, we can help after selling problems, such lost, broken, or wrong send after sending.
We can offer translator as follow:
(English, Russian , Chinese, Malay, Uzbek,Kazakh, Kirghiz......Turkish.....others, all will welcome.)
Contact us: 6001127025737.
contact: 6001127025737