Guitarist Nusantara

To unite all guitarist in Nusantara. To give a chance to communicate with one another for lessons,tab or to see/buy/trade gear from one another.

Guitarist Nusantara is a "group forums" of fans, enthusiasts as well as professional and amateur musicians who use Facebook as a medium in making new contacts, to exchange ideas about musical learning, discussing technically on gadgets, musical instruments, especially guitar among themselves.

Founded in early 2009, Guitarist Nusantara managed to gather members not only from all over Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah, but there are also from Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

Operating on "non-profit group" concept, Guitarist Nusantara acts as a community service and at the moment has more than 3000 active members ages ranging from late teens to early 40s.

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