Gnostic Holistic Healing Center

The use of Gnostic in the title means "seeker after truth and knowledge." In this context, the reference Gnostic is to each individual's truth and knowledge. There are many other definitions for Gnostic that are irrelevant.

The purpose of this group is to offer a bridge over troubled water by providing emotional support and encouragement. Some people in the group are helpers. Some are in need of help. Sometimes we swap places. This group attempts to provide a bridge over troubled waters for anyone who needs help. We all need help at sometime in our life. There is only shame in not finding the courage to ask for help. This group might discuss suicide, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, grief, obsession, compulsion, sadness, pain, hate, money or anything that hinders your postive flow in life.

We can discuss ways to create a better life for yourself and those around you by spreading love and light and ridding the world of negativity and pain. This group may be used as a support system or a means to find your strongest spiritual connection. It is based in Gnostic Christian Novus Spiritus philosophy, which embraces all religions that believe in a loving and not vengeful God.

We might also discuss Sylvia Browne, Novus Spiritus, Mother God Azna, Father God Om, Jesus, healing, psychic abilities, intuitiveness, helping others, psychology, spiritual connection, meditation, past life regression and behavioral hypnosis, prayer, dream interpretation, the mind-body-spirit connection, chakras, holistic living, nutrition, vitamin supplements, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, self-sufficient living, creating your own paradise, the Other Side, and other religions. We can discuss anything that might help you balance your life and find your own truth.

Please take what you need and leave the rest.

I have one rule that seems to have a pattern of creating problems. If you post something inspirational, less is more. Post only once a day. Do not monopolize the group with your beliefs. Definitely present them if they are loving and positive but don't do so with pictures or text more than once a day. Always offer the source of your information. Otherwise people will think that you wrote what you post. I hope that's clear. Feel free to ask me about it via email if it needs clarification. Mere discussions or asking for prayers do not apply to that rule.

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