Gold Canyon GoalGetters

This is an **TEAM ONLY** Group created for Gold Canyon's GoalGetters Team! ONLY ACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS WILL BE PERMITTED TO JOIN/REMAIN IN THIS GROUP. (To join this group you must be located in Kylee Francescon's downline…somewhere.)

We want to remind everyone that the mission of the Gold Canyon GoalGetters Facebook Group is to support, encourage, and assist our team members with their Gold Canyon businesses.
So please help us by following these GUIDELINES when posting here:
-If you are having a problem, please remember to contact your upline (or above) directly - as they are your first and BEST resource to get information.
-Please feel free to ask questions, because chances are if you have a question then someone here may have it as well and it will benefit the answers.
-Feel free to post photos, and ideas, etc. We love to see your parties, displays and gift ideas!
-Posts that could be perceived as negative about the company, products, or others will be removed.
-Our group is "solution-oriented" and not run by the home office, so go straight to them with any product issues you are experiencing. (866-737-8311)
-NO posts of "overly discounted" products will be permitted, due to keeping with our goals of building our businesses. Selling products at a higher discount to other consultants is not helping you build your business, nor is it helping others reach their Personal Volume Monthly goals. However, note that "product needs" - will be permitted.
-We love to support other Direct Sales Companies, however, promoting other direct sales businesses or parties is not permitted on this page.
-And unless it is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, or Kind please "T.H.I.N.K." before you post.

Enjoy..and make it happen!