Goku & Naruto Fans

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1. Do not spam the group with links or any stuff other than Anime/Games.
2. Anime comparison is not allowed, it would get you a permanent Ban! [First mistake is okay]
3. Do not use abusive language, controversial stuff is okay but not on high level.
4. Members posting their artwork should have their name/signature beside it otherwise, the post will be deleted with warning.
5. Advertising any kind of stuffs,groups and website will get you a
6.Respect other members as they respect you.
7.Referring to stuff that's frowned upon as public talk(Includes Pedophilia,necrophilia,homosexuality etc)is not allowed.It will give you a permanent ban.
8.Posts begging for likes and comments are not allowed.
In order to seek admin's attention, please tag any of us admins on the post.