Golden Age Dreams 2012

We are experiencing the transitional energies that are fast tracking us to the Golden Age ☼

This group was formed to witness and track our collective evolution into the next paradigm. We are living in interesting and important times - a global awakening unfolds before us each day with accelerating speed.


- Alternative media articles,

- Uplifting life quotes and images,

- Kundalini rising ascension symptoms,

- Disclosure (See note below),

- UFO disclosure,

- Support of whistleblowers,

- Music & meditations,

- Emerging technology / new age inventions.

- Channelled messages (discernment advised),

- Health & nutrition advice to align with higher frequencies,

Disclosure (the revealing of all that was once hidden) is always an act of love when communicated in a gentle and non-fearful way. Some disclosure items may be a challenge for those who are viewing this information for the first time.

The unbridled truth is light/information, and so is not negative in nature, but a necessary part of the awakening process. Disclosure posts are necessary to shine light on the darkness and secrecy of the old world, and to transmute it so that humanity can enjoy true freedom.

Information and truth are precursors of humanity's long-awaited freedom.

Please share whatever resonates with you, as you will be doing your part to accelerate the process.

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Thank you for being here and for sharing your positive energy and light. We look forward to you sharing. smile emoticon

From all at Golden Age Dreams heart emoticon