Golden Retrievers Lovers & Owners

This is a group for people who love Golden Retrievers (and all animals - we just focus on Golden Retrievers here).

Anyone spamming/scamming/attacking other posters may be removed without notice. If you feel a topic that is posted has bad or harmful content in it, REPORT the post to the Admins to be evaluated - DO NOT jump in to the topic and start attacking the poster or others as this may get you BANNED. Members of this group are INTERNATIONAL in nature - please keep that in mind. Please read the group sticky on our policy for attacking other posters in the group. If you do not like certain posts, we advise you use the "I don't want to see this" feature on Facebook to block the posting or the user - then you will no longer be subject to that topic or person's posts here. As always, you have the right to your own opinions, but you do not always have to share them, in particular in ways that are negative, nasty, or outright hateful. Intolerant or hateful posts based on Religious, ethnic or other forms of hate will be removed and the poster will be banned. Essentially, if you have nothing nice to say in a post or about another person posting, just don't say it :)

If you think your dog has a medical problem, take them to your Vet and get a professional answer. While some of the people that frequent this page are professionals, you don't know any of them from a stranger living on the moon. Some people THINK they are professionals and give out medical advice as well. So please, rather than put your animal at risk, always consult your Vet in matters of anything health related to your dog or pet.

Breeders posting Golden Retriever puppies for sale are allowed, but do not spam advertisements or they may be removed. As a note to anyone contemplating buying a puppy from a breeder on here, please do your homework and ask around. We would hope you could make better informed choices by speaking to other people on this page - Internet transactions are always a questionable proposition. Hopefully interacting on here will lead you to better, more reputable breeders closer to where you live. We suggest you do cost discussions via PMs.

People posting Rescue notices for Goldens - PLEASE try to verify there are not other postings for the same rescue on the page before you post yet another one. Use the "Search this group" box at the top of the page under the banner, and search for things like the shelter ID number for the animal. Again, please do not spam postings, additional posts may be removed.

People advertising home made or custom products for Golden Retrievers/animals (such as t-shirts, collars, stickers, feeding bowls, etc) is allowed - anything distasteful may be removed. Do not spam postings for products - additional advertisements may be removed.

If you don't want to receive so many notifications on your email, please un-check the "Email notifications to:" under "Edit settings" at your top right corner, Instead of leaving the group. :-)