Gong and sound sanctuary

"If you have yet to experience the Magic of a Gong Bath - you are in for a very special festive treat!" Aiden McIntyre, a highly accomplished gong player and gong master….

Bathing us in waves of beautiful and timeless vibrations; the Gong Bath has been likened to a mini-vacation; the powerful vibrations of the gong transport us to another level of being and place where healing naturally occurs and the stresses of everyday life are gently washed away.

A gong bath is a waterless bath where the gong produces a whole spectrum of harmonics that engulfs and baths you in its sound and vibrations.

Is gong a musical instrument!! Indeed gongs have been used as an instrument in many types of world music with a mysterious and archaic history around the planet. However, it seems to reflect each culture it is found in and it’s most profound use lies within its singular ability to transform and elevate the listener.

Often in a gong bath, Native American flutes, Tibetan/Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, African drums, Burma bells, temple bells are played together that could be supported by piano, violin, shruti box or even guitars and singing. This gives a sound envelope and texture that is non linear and trans spatial that allow you to integrate your intention and balance into your body, mind, and spirit. The gong works at all levels, where the sound of the gong could promote a positive change to listener.

Accordingly based on individual perception, a gong bath could be a musical experience, or an opportunity for relaxation or a more profound experience of meditation, therapy and self healing

As Don Conreaux the Grand Gong Master says a gong bath could lead to :

1. Liberating self from negative emotions
2. Expanding the sense of self in social bonding
3. Inspiring the self with creative consciousness
4. Feeling wholeness and fullness of self

As Yogi Bhajan once said, no mind can resist a well played gong…..

Sound healing has been practiced over centuries but did loose some of its shine during the rise of allopathic and modern medicine. However, it seems the awareness of its healing nature is once again catching uo and Sound is now considered a the medicine for future - that also has its ancient roots in Nada yoga.

As Swami Sivananda in his teachings said - Sound is the first manifestation of the Absolute. We know nothing about the nature of the Absolute as it exists, except that it is and how it has proceeded from the Absolute. All previous scriptures have tried to tell us all about the creation , how it is proceeded from the Absolute, the day Brahman was one and non dual that caused a vibration eventually brining in sound and that sound was Om, where are all other manifestations.
Supercharged with transcendent soul force sound is in all creation the one powerful principle that widely influences and effectively brings under control all other manifestations. Brahman or universe is incomprehensible in its transcendent aspect. The nearest approach to it is only by sound or we can call sound as aparam brahama or highest level of universe.

About this group and founding member
San jay or San or Sanj as he is often nicknamed by his friends and fellows, is a traveling Gong yogi, endeavouring to bring and spread the goodness of the gongs to the world. He practices sound and gong bath relaxation, meditation and healing work as learned through many masters, such as, Yongey Mingyur Rincpoche, Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux, singing bowl expert Aiden McIntyre, amazing musician Tom Soltron and gifted singers and gong players, Abby Delsol, Surana Mojca and from other fellow gongmasters whose work has influenced San jay"s gongplaying. He works with the philosophy that each one of us is a student teacher learning new ways all the time as well as sharing our learning as teachers. Though relatively San jay is new to the gong world, however, he has taken this as a divine order or “Hukum” to make gongs, its teachings and its experiences for people around the world and since then has been conducting gong baths in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Austria, Dubai as well as ashrams in India. San jay has also co-organised a number of Gong puja and all night gong sessions in the Mountains, Desert and beaches of UAE with the local gongmasters and gong community.

His initial career background though comes from a management, behavioural training and management teaching. A keen advocate of life-long learning, he is a computer science graduate with an MBA who also pursued further management education from IE Business School, Spain, London Business School, UK and IMT India. Having worked in senior management positions in large corporate organizations for over 2 decades and traveled over 80 countries, San jay brings the “human factor” and sensitivity towards managing self, teams, organizations and communities in their individual and business endeavours. Feeling strongly that a positive and relaxed environment enhances individuals’ inner strength, resilience, health and wellness, San jay helps organizations and individuals achieve this positive environment through self-renewal and self-sustainable methods and outcomes using both modern management techniques and the ancient knowledge of Nada yoga and gongs.

Through this group, San jay wants to bring the gong yoga and sound healing community around the world under one group so as to learn from each other as well as share our experiences through our gong yoga events worldwide. Having traveled widely San feels that there may be hidden opportunities to learn from a fellow gong player or play for a new group of gong and sound healing enthusiasts who may not know where to find such an opportunity about experiencing the gongs.

For example, during San's travel to Turkey, at a hotel lobby, someone spotted his gongs and asked more about them. San then introduced gongs and its sounds in the hotel lobby itself and it was such a mesmerizing atmosphere that was created by beautiful energy of gongs and the people around that everyone enjoyed the sound envelope so created in the lobby with gongs and singing bowls and San got invited back to Turkey. San also met the local gong and cymbal maker Mr Mehmut who very kindly offered San to be a distributor and promoter of his gongs though that was gently declined but highly appreciated by San with great gratitude. With such experiences. san learned how hidden pockets have a tacit need to experience the sounds of the world in a gong. San wishes he can find a local gong master who can offer a continual gong experiences for enthusiastic gong community in Turkey. Though san could take a few trips to turkey or help train a few gong players, often it is best alternative to help create a local community that has gong players.

Similarly to learn more about gongs San continues to make his endeavours to find courses, workshops, teachings, ,and masters around the world to learn new techniques or refer students to a gong master for their continuous learning’s, only if he knew to where to find gong masters in different parts of the world or get pointed in right direction. Therefore there is a need where we collect, collate or collaborate our respective events and perhaps could use this forum or group where all gong masters could post their events and can access to all gong enthusiasts around the world where knowledge sharing is free and boundary less. Hope this endevour is well received with a positive view where there nothing is mine and everything belongs to everyone. "I come from nothing and will merge with nothing, where love is a true reflection".

So please come and join to post and attend the gongbaths for all the wellness and sound healing enthusiasts. “Om sarva loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu” Lets immerse in an unlimited, infinite sound space, bathed by fluid, ever-changing melodies and harmonies blended with grace and lightness. Relax and let go ……Lets (((((((((((gong))))))))))