Goochland Animal Rescue,Lost & Found

So many of us travel for work! Either by tractor trailer, car, train, or plane. This room is to help all animals!!! Whether it be they are missing, lost or in a shelter we need to help the poor babies!!! I know we want to help just here in Goochland. But if "WE" can help any animal get found, or a new home then so be it!!! I started this room to help the " Rescues, Lost & Found "!!! This means not just the animals here in Goochland. Please dont get me WRONG!!! I started out to help all animals here in Goochland, but there are so many animals out here in the state that needs help as well!!! We have friends, that have friends, that have friends in every state. If we can get the word out about other animals. We may just find our missing babies somewhere other than here IN GOOCHLAND!!! YOU & I can allow other Rescues, Lost & found babies to be place in this room!!! Again the main thing is to HELP THE ANIMALS!!! I know my husband has found dogs, puppies, & cats walking down the interstate while traveling all over the state of VA. & has stopped to pick them up & take somewhere to be safe!!! I have family in Bedford county which is here in this room as well. What they don't see on my wall, they do see in here!!! I know we have family & friends all over this state!!! Please be kind & share YOUR friends missing BABIES, & found babies!!!

Matter of fact my friend found her baby through this room, who LIVES in another county near Waynesboro!! (Where I grew up at!!!) So please remember This room is for helping all animals!!!!

Sincerely: Irene.
Page Owner

I have started this page to help animals here in Goochland, VA. All the animals I share are the ones here at the Goochland Animal Control. They have a right to live as well.

Please call me!!!! And not the Goochland Animal Control.

Irene Newman
Cell: 804-972-5480