Gothic Culture


Do NOT break the rules or you will get a warning or instantly banned!

The rules are here for safety and enjoyment.
Everyone is welcome, the group is a place for all lovers of Gothic Culture.
Enjoy, have fun and keep it goth.

This is an alternative group for the Official Page Gothic Culture:

It's not smart to block admins, we will find out and your posts will not be approved either.


1. Don't post SEXUAL OR DRUG content!
This is a rule of Facebook too.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO pervy, rude, nasty, sexual comments etc. on PHOTOS or anywhere else in the group!!

---This will lead to INSTANT PERMANENT BAN!---
As an adult you would know better!
It's a lot of very young members in the group.

--- And NO asking for people to Add You.
If you want to add someone just do it.

3. DON'T OFFEND anybody because of religion, sexual orientation, opinions, looks etc.
And nobody cares about your sexuality or religion: Keep it for yourself.
This is not hateful at all, it's all about equality here.

4. Don't add COMMERCIALS or LINKS and no links to model pages.
Youtube links are fine also are links to products if someone should ask. (Can someone help me find/ Here is a top I love/etc) unless they are commercials.

5. DON'T SPAM - You'll occupy the page!
Make your own album by clicking at the top - on photos, then click upload photos. This is if you are uploading more then 3 photo's per day.

6. NO hate posts or lying / being fake for attention. Keep swearing to a minimum.

7. Keep your MENTAL ILLNESS / issues at home like depression etc.
No topics / comments about self harming, suicidal thoughts or any kind of problems like that. If you need help contact an admin.

8. Write ONLY in English, or nobody will understand you.

9. ALL posts should be related to Gothic Culture.

10. IMPORTANT: If you feel harassed / bullied or having problems and react to a post or comments for some reason, you can report the post.
Also remember that you always can contact anyone of the admins. Just write to us what the problem is.