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Govt. Jobs Information [created by : Sudip Chowdhury]

• ESTD. - - 28th February, 2014

♦♦-- The Largest & first only Govt. job's Advertisement related group

Thank you, to all members to join with us. This group is yours. We requested to all members that, please help your friends/members & make this group helpful. So, please share with us new recruitment, new vacancy related information if you have any. we created few RULES for group security. The RULES are--

♦ If any member complain to other member's (if guilty), then the admin must be bound to ban him/her.

♦ If any member post a without any Govt. Jobs related, the admin must be warn just one time, after warned him/her if this member continue this work. As a group law he/she will be REMOVE by admin.

♦ Make it Helpful environment, its yours duty. So, please keep your group clean.

♦ Please don't post any bad COMMENT in your friend's post. as a result they r very bad image about you.

♦ This group is not a Fun & Enjoyble related, so we r hereby informed to all members that, please don't post "HI", "HELLO" etc. if we found any post like this, we bound to REMOVE this type of post.

♦ If we found BAD PICTURE, FUNNY PICTURE, OTHER'S GROUP LINK in this group, then this member will be remove/permanent ban in this forum by Admin.

♦ If you have any CONFUSION about Govt. jobs, then please share your COMMENT in "QUESTION-ANSWER" post ( LINK : Admin & other members will help you to clearing your confusion. But don't post your confusion type comment in facebook wall. If you done it, then this type of post will be deleted by ADMIN.

--Thank you for reading this RULES. So, I'm Sudip Chowdhury as a Director of this group, i will request to all members that, please don't break rules.

♦♦ for your Suggestion/Report,
Email us : [email protected]

Thank You!