Grabouw Community News

Welcome to Grabouw Community News Page! Please ensure you comply with the following, otherwise your welcome will expire:

1. Our page is meant to be a positive and constructive chat place for locals.

2. Updates on current conditions, and polite and respectful debate about issues in our town is fine, but please refrain from arguments, name calling, prejudice and NO political slander. or NO POLITICS will be allowed on this page.

3. ADVERTORIAL POSTINGS from or relating to businesses in Grabouw only please. Adverts from outside the Grabouw area (i.e. ads by residents or businesses outside Grabouw) can be posted on Sandi Oliver 's page who runs Grabouw community ads. ALL advertorial / event posts NOT CLEARLY STATING IN THE HEADER that the event/ advert/ request is based locally will be summarily deleted, it takes too much time to ask you whether it is local or not and admin staff do not always know who is a local person or not. (Locals, please do not feel offended, some of us are slow with names and faces.)
If you are from outside but can give our Grabouw Community a special offer or discount you may post it here, but state it clearly in your header.

4. Events outside Grabouw but which will benefit our community, for instance people or animal welfare events where our locals can take kids / pets to get a free or reduced rate service are welcome.