Greater Lansing Jewelry Buy / Sell

This is a Closed Group for selling and buying all types of anything related to jewelry such as, jewelry. jewelry boxes,jewelry tools, gift boxes, anything that deals with jewelry or jewelry making!! There are certain guidelines to follow in this group..and if they are not followed you will be removed from the group:
1) Must sell only anything related to jewelry on this site, all other items will be deleted if they are not related to jewelry
2) You must give a complete description of your item you are selling and if its real genuine stones and metals you must be able to prove to your buyer that they are real if they are costume jewelry they list them as costume other wise.
3) You may 10 items per day to list and can bump them every 6 hours.
4) If you want something you must say WANT or INTERESTED other wise a question will not be first in line ..make sure you use those 2 words if you want to be first in line for that item even if just a question is involved.
5) When you say WANT or INTERESTED you must contact the seller within 3 hours to make arrangements ,if you fail to make proper contact with your seller than you seller can move to the next person on the list.
6) No shows are a warning and will NOT be tolerated..if you cant make it to get an item let your seller know within 24 hours.. if not you will be warned and 3 warnings get you removed from this group
7)The sale between you and your seller or your buyer and seller are between each other.. the only way one of the admins are going to get involved if you say false info about your item and they will have to contact one of us on screen. so buyers make sure you look over your purchase make sure your purchase is what it says it is...cause we are not liable for your sell in anyway. if you buy it..its YOURS.
8) Would like to see a happy friendly group here...Drama will not be tolerated..let us treat each other with respect and friendliness or otherwise you wont be here long.
9)No Swearing No Slander and NO Bad talking peoples sales in anyway what so ever.
10) We have admins all day long here/...and if you need one...they will get to you as soon as possible...just say on screen in Caps " Need ADMIN PLEASE"
11) If someone buys something and resells it on this site or any other site that is their item now and can ask any price they want for it, so make sure you get the price you want for your item that you are selling, they have the right to resell any item bought for any reason.
Lets make this a fun and happy place to buy and sell jewelry and accessories....and Drama Free!!! HAPPY SELLING AND BUYING TO EVERYONE..and
Admins are: Susie Bruner, Jessica LeAnn Allie, Edward Michael Allie and Daniel Bruner