Greater Nashville, TN: Buy, Sell, Trade

Buy, Sell, and Trade groups allow the group members to exchange ...merchandise or personal items for money or trade of other merchandise. This group is dedicated to allowing members of the Greater Nashville community network with each other for exactly these purposes.

I am not a fan of pages that contain large amounts of rules, so let me share the very few rules set, below:

1. No spamming or harassing posts - (the action of posting duplicate updates numerous times). Personal "bumps" of posts should be limited to once per day, unless coupons, discounts, or benefits are expiring during that day. If you are posting about a particular product or group of products that you direct market (Scentsy, Jewelry, etc.) and are posting multiple examples of product, please consolidate pictures into one album style post.
2. No hate-talk, slander, libel, or other forms of hostility.
3. Keep the group updated - if you post an item(s) in the group for purchase or trade, and the item is sold or traded, please let other members who have expressed interest know of the change in availability out of respect.
4. This group is for legitimate products only. Members found to be posting faulty, illegal, or items intended to cause harm or express hostility to others will be banned and reported. (Examples: Drugs, Weaponry that requires certification or registration, etc.)
5. *Rules are subject to change based on group size, performance, and member input. Notification will be posted via update within the group when changes occur.*

To ensure the group reaches it's maximum potential, it is greatly encouraged that you share exciting items with your friends, families and co-workers, and invite anyone who may benefit from this group that can contribute to it. You may even choose to share deals that you know local companies are offering to customers, to help increase their sales-flow!

Examples of Products and Services that might be shared in this group:
- Direct Sell opportunities
- Yard Sales; items remaining from yard sales
- ISO items ("In Search Of"); items you may be seeking
- Exercise equipment
- Automotive or Equipment sales
- Real Estate availability, including Rentals, Rent-to-Own, or For Purchase
- Referral bonuses for items sold
- And MUCH more!

*Think: A safer craigslist/newspaper classifieds section.*