Green Left Liberal Labor Democrats

Transform the Democratic Party from within.
An idea that has not been tried yet?
Not “divide and conquer,” but “unite and overcome”!

We the people NEED all valid information, and a free and open debate on the issues. We are NOT a governmental agency, and your constitutional rights do not apply here, although, as a group, we DO believe in the Bill of Rights. The policy of this group is to promote respectful discussion for the purpose of the TRANSFORMATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FROM WITHIN. This "cyberspace" is actually property of Facebook, and we are a sort of sub-lessee, somewhat like an apartment. As such, it is like "private property," and we can invite you, or un-invite you as we see fit.
We believe in free speech, but that does not mean right-wing pundits get to preach their dogma in OUR LIVING ROOM, or that there is ANY inclination to stay tuned in to their propaganda all day long.
Any administrator can remove and permanently ban a participant, and simply because you annoy and/or alarm them.
We DO NOT agree to warn you in advance of any action we decide to take, and this "about" section does NOT constitute a contract.
Your POSTS and/or membership, can and will be deleted, with or without warning, for the following reasons:
1. Off topic (of political change)
2. Violation of the "no abuse/no violence" rule (don't abuse our members).
3. Excessively vulgar or obscene language.
4. Ad hominem (personal) attacks or threats, whether or not the other person "attacked you first."
5. Advocating violence ("violence mongering")
If this is too much to ask, please just quietly leave the group. We ask that if you disagree with someone, that you give reasons and data to support your contention. If someone has an opinion that differs from yours, do your best to understand where they are coming from. Give facts and information to support your contention.
“In God we trust, all others bring data." (Just a saying, we are not concerned with your religious beliefs or lack thereof).

The idea is to create a separate identity WITHIN the Democratic party, the liberal version of the Tea Party, but one that remains connected and friendly to the main body Democrats. This idea should be tried, we don't know if it will work until we try.
You can't fight a united, politically savvy, well-tuned, well-funded, entrenched machine with naive methods and a divided populace!
We have to live in the real world. We have to function with the tools available. We understand the system needs to be changed, and so do the Democrats. WE HAVE a better idea!
Fresh Start For the Left: What Activists Would Do If They Took the Social Sciences Seriously by G. William Domhoff

Admins must approve new admissions so that we can screen for abusive trouble makers or problem people. Your support will be appreciated.