Green Liberal Democrats

We are real Democrats, not Green Party, and not "independents." This is a GLD Coalition Group (Green Liberal Democrats). Our chosen solution is, and will continue to be, to transform the Democratic Party from within. We will do nothing to split or splinter the liberal, leftist, labor, egalitarian, or progressive wing of US politics. We will do our best to unite the left, the liberals, and the progressives under the Democratic party, forming a separate identity, but staying friendly to the Democratic Party. We will advocate, and campaign for, third party and independent candidates if and only if there is no alternative. Such a condition would exist if and when:
1. There is no Democratic Party candidate on the ballot.
2. The Democratic candidate has been proven corrupt, and/or found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.
The administrators of this group have committed to the GLD Coalition.
Refrain from insults, accusations, and ad hominem attacks.
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