Greenpeace International

Greenpeace is a non-profit global organization which prioritizes critical environmental issues via public campaigns to progress peace and prosperity for our planet. Several major issues Greenpeace is working to address include:

- Climate change and global warming
- Protecting our oceans and creating global marine reserves
- Protecting the Earth's vital forests
- Promoting disarmament and peace by obliterating nuclear weapons and reducing dependence on finite resources
- Encouraging responsible and sustainable trade
- Utilizing more responsible chemicals in today's product manufacturing in order to sustain a toxic free future
- Supporting sustainable agriculture
- Encouraging a plant-based diet

These are just a portion of the issues Greenpeace is involved in. Greenpeace does not solicit nor accept funding from governments, corporations nor political parties. Greenpeace neither seeks nor accepts donations that could compromise its independence, aims, objectives or integrity, whether in appearance or fact. Greenpeace relies on the voluntary donations of individual supporters, and on grant support from transparent apolitical foundations.

Greenpeace is committed to the principles of non-violence, political independence and internationalism. In exposing threats to the environment and in working to find solutions, Greenpeace has no permanent allies or enemies.

To review the core values of Greenpeace International refer to the following website:

This facebook group is designed to engage all generations in the issues affecting our planet. This is a way to assert a role in the future of the planet by adapting a more global way of thinking in our everyday actions. If you are interested in any of the topics touched on in this description I urge you to join this group, do some research, post your opinions and ideas, and take action.

We welcome everyone's comments/ideas, and appreciate your contribution, re: environmental/related social issues. Please be respectful of others and please do not post commercial (for-profit) links to sell items (i.e. we remove commercial/for-profit posts, regardless of the item/message). e.g. Please do not post a commercial link to sell a t-shirt (even with an environmental message). We would rather you share your thoughts, ideas, and stories you find, about the environment and related social issues (and the potential solutions :-). Think we.