Group Chat in English

Group aims to set out for young English Vietnam and hone his vocabulary, when people join the freedom of speech in its category English
Come on people let Let's say English :)

Rule of Group:
Hi Everyone, I with role administrator of group, i had received a few feedback form some close members of this Group.
The feedbacks is ideas talk about some members had used Vietnamese in this Group and maybe them should be block out permanently.Cos this group purpose to Practices English everyday with your friend, with foreigners have knowledge English so you should used English to Write, to told in this Group with everyone. You should avoid used Vietnamese language it will try best for you when you join to practices English.Maybe you not good Write, talk english, it is just not problem, you can join Google translate it to English. If you have mistake on your sentence you write in group, everyone will fix it for you. Don't be discouraged and efforts to implement it cos it will be good for you on your learn English, Okie so now Everyone should remember that Don't Used Vietnamese Language in this Group like one rule important,"it is standards rule" cos if you make contrary to the rule you will be block out Permanently.
Us join this Group to together discuss about issues have connection to English, and you have discuss comfortable about issues you enjoy ^^

Note: No Ads and No write language vietnamese, please.Thank