Hardstyle Music Appreciation Society

A highly moderated group for all Hardstyle lovers.

Rules of HMAS:

1. No merchandise sales.
2. No drug talk.
3. No trolling
4. No abuse
5. No Defqon sticker posts
6. No hakk videos

Please keep it Hardstyle related!

Contact admins if you have any issues and please report any inappropriate posts.

Brendon Chambers - www.facebook.com/Brendon.Chambers1
Tom Centorinno - www.facebook.com/MLTEZR
Michael Hicks - www.facebook.com/AuroraProd
Tim Dawes - https://www.facebook.com/timdawes
Kara Lewis - https://www.facebook.com/followtheyellowbrickroad?fref=ts
Monique Bryson - https://www.facebook.com/GellertGrindelwalde
Alex 'Arbee' Jeon - https://www.facebook.com/deejayarbee