Grow your spiritual based business in Adelaide - Discussion Group

This group is for Adelaide or South Australian businesses that has a spiritual focus.

Are you wanting to grow your spiritual based business in Adelaide, South Australia?

Please use this group to network, share, bounce ideas and ask those not so silly questions. We are here to get give each others tips and tricks to help us grow.

Post your questions on the page and allow others to help you out. Comment on others' questions when you can help too.

Only share what you wish as some information is confidential for businesses. If you can help someone out, great!

Members who are Adelaide or South Australian based may post about their business, the events that they are presenting or events that they are facilitating.

- Please post appropriate services/events that are for your spiritual based business. There are many business owners here that own more than one type of business. Please feel free to promote your other talents, but only if members of this group can use them to help grow their business. Please take it upon yourself to find a suitable balance.

- If you are not based in Adelaide or South Australia, please find a willing member who is able to facilitate and promote your events for you. This will help the community grow and keep the group local.

So interstate businesses can promote their Adelaide events, I am creating a new group that I welcome everyone all to join as well.