Grundy County Iowa Bird and Animal Swap

This is the second annual Animal swap at the Grundy County Fairgrounds. The address is 1308 4th st Grundy Center. All kinds of Animals are accepted, big, small, furry, feathery, etc. If it is something that needs paperwork it is YOUR responsibility that you, the seller, and the buyer have the proper paperwork. We will have a veterinarian and a PT tester present. The swap is held on a Sunday but the gates are open on Saturday for anyone traveling from out of state, long distance, etc. We have warm rooms, 15 acres of space, parking on gravel and have optional camping for people who want to bring campers, if you bring a camper and hook up to the electricity it is $15, if you just want to stay in your vehicle and not "camp" it is included in the $3 per person admission fee.