German Shepherd Dog Community Of Pakistan

German Shepherd Dog Community Of Pakistan, is a group dedicated to all areas of interest in the German Shepherd Dog. We are an international group with members from all corners of the world, and welcome all who would like to join in. We always have a wide range of discussion taking place, from the light-hearted to the most serious and important matters facing the breed today. Our members range from the average pet owner to the most experienced array of breeders & trainers you will find on any German Shepherd facebook group. German Shepherd Dog World is a large, yet not overwhelming community, and we welcome new members who wish to join our friendly, helpful and extremely informative atmosphere.

This group is for German Shepherd enthusiasts to share pictures, videos, brags, etc or ask questions related, but not limited, to training, feeding, exercise, and health. The Admins don't have an issue with "FOR SALE" ads, but do not post multiple ads or they will be promptly deleted. This page was not intended to be a marketplace, and we believe that the majority of our members do not want to see advertisements. Offending accounts will be deleted and blocked if these simple rules are not adhered to.