Guild Wars 2

♕ Fan group dedicated to Guild Wars 2, developed by ArenaNet.

♕ Group Rules of Conduct:
1) Respect the Group Admin: I provide a service in my free time to keep the group running efficiently. I’m not paid or sponsored by anyone, so I do this simply by volunteering my free time. Feedback is welcome. If you believe an error has been made in moderation please post your concerns politely and help me understand your perspective.

2) Adult Content, Violence, Illegal Activity: Messages containing violent, sexually oriented, or illegal content or links to sites with this content will be deleted. Messages with links to or suggesting illegal activity will also be deleted. Posting or linking to any of these could result in a ban.

3) Trolling, Attacks and Flaming:
These are always forbidden.
-Trolling is posting in a way that provokes emotional responses.
-Attacks and derogatory terms of any kind are not welcome. This includes references to other operating systems and the companies that produce them.
-Flames are messages that personally attack or call any people names or otherwise harass.

These, along with any generally condescending posts will be removed at the admin’s discretion. If a thread is flame-bait (appears to be intended to start an argument or is likely to cause an argument rather than enhance discussion, as in trolling), it will be removed without notice.

-Individual flame-bait comments in a post may be deleted at the admin's discretion.
If the thread turns into an argument, it can be removed without notice.

4) Spam (unsolicited advertising):
Spam will be removed and the account posting it will likely be banned.

5) Profanity: We have users of all age groups and of all tolerance levels where profanity is concerned. Do not attempt to use variations or slight misspellings of profanities.

6) Politics and Religion:
These two topics have caused serious problems in the past and are now forbidden topics in the group.
Please find another venue to exercise your freedom of speech on these topics.

7) Thread Drifting/Steering:
Please keep discussions on topic.
Report Posts: If you have found a post or receive a private message that you feel is inappropriate or that violates the group code of conduct, please either tag me on that post or send me a private message.

♕ For any questions or concerns, please send me a private message. Please absolutely no complaining on the wall,

- Thanks.